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Sausage and cheese.
100% vegetable.
100% delicious.

Viana, the specialist for vegetarian meat alternatives, has in accustomed audacious manner had a go at Germany's sausage and cheese counters. The result is five exciting spreads, sandwich fillings and pizza toppings. Will the liver paté be cheesed off at the sight of our life paté? Let it go and sulk in the corner with salami, meat sausage and co. We've made sure that no one will miss them - Viana's newest are not only 100% vegetable, low fat and cholesterol free, they can also take on their predecessors with ease in terms of taste.
And the Winner is ...
»Children - nutrition -

German Vegetarian Union's project wins Viana Communication Prize 2003
The Communication Prize, which was awarded for the first time in 2003, is Viana's contribution to developing public awareness of purely vegetable foods as high quality alternatives to animal products. The jury, consisting amongst others of celebrities, health food experts and politicians, was impressed by the spectrum and quality of the submissions. The winner was the Vegetarierbund Deutschlands e.V. (German Vegetarian Union, registered society) with its project »Children - Nutrition - Environment«, which awakens an awareness of healthy and natural nutrition in young children by means of "learning by playing" and involving all the senses. Karin Petersen and Edith Marra from the German Vegetarian Union accepted the congratulations. »We are tremendously pleased. The work wasn't always easy, but over the years we have experienced a lot of recognition and praise, crowned of course by an event such as this.«
Extensive report and further information on the submissions to the competiton (in German):
Karin Petersen,
Heike Bohn,
Edith Marra und
Bernd Drosihn
(manager of
at the prize
(left to right)
The buffet battle
has begun...
What do Life Paté Coarse and Life Paté Fine, Country, Feines Züri Geschnetzeltes (Swiss style faux meat strips), wheat schnitzel Wiener style and Crispy Veggie Sticks have in common? These products have a snazzy Viana badge in every package - but only for a limited time! GmbH, Industrie- und Gewerbepark, D-54578 Tofutown Wiesbaum, Germany
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