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„Tastes great!”
Vegetarian Trend Prize 2004 goes to Viana

The Viana product „Classic Veggie Country Carpaccio ” is the winner of the Vegetarian Trend Prize 2004, awarded by the German Vegetarian Union (Vegetarier-Bund Deutschlands / VEBU) and the internet magazine „ ” („vegetarian shopping”).

The German Vegetarian Union awards the Trend Prize each year for vegetarian products whose flavour and style particularly appeal to the steadily growing number of people who still eat meat but wish to reduce their consumption or adopt a vegetarian lifestyle.

The jury consisting of children and adults was delighted by the flavoursome Viana product. „The veggie sausage tastes great and no animals have to die for it ”, said Natalie, aged twelve, regarding the decision. Further decisive factors were the ingredients' ecological quality and the GMO-free production.

Viana Classic Veggie Country Carpaccio, a finely sliced 100% vegetarian cold cut, is just one example of a product line of sausage alternatives, which can easily stand up to salami, liver paté & co.

Viana sales manager Peter Kirwel, Peter Schönberger from the German Vegetarian Union and Eva Wester from at the award ceremony of the Vegetarian Trend Prize 2004 at the International Green Week in Berlin

> Simple enjoyment without regrets!
With fine Viana Soya Cooking Cream

> Coffee and Soya Coffee Creamer - a new love affair?

Soya Cooking Cream
Finest non-dairy cream for light, healthy cooking

Makes tasty soups, salad dressings and sauces. Sweetens desserts and cakes. Full flavour and only 2% fat and 0% cholesterol - ideal for those who want to enjoyment and good figure and health!

Soya Coffee Creamer
That special something for coffee, cappuccino and of course tea!

Viana's creative team's intensive development work has been rewarded - here is the ultimate alternative to coffee cream! Whereas conventional soy drinks often curdle in coffee, the Viana Coffee Creamer makes the strongest coffee a creamy pleasure. „It's that special something for coffee and cappuccino (and of course for tea, too)”, proudly comments Peter Kirwel, himself a cappuccino enthusiast.

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