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Ready for take off?
Viana has the fuel for the
mobile generation.
Get moving!

The combination of soy with fine organic coffee, cocoa or orange juice lifts your spirits and picks you up in no time at all. The Viana Soya Rockets additionally provide you with micro-nutrients such as calcium and magnesium, which your organism especially needs in stressful situations. The practical polypropylene pack fits in sport bags, belt bags and bicycle bottle holders and is always handy when you need a quick boost. Just push down the tab, flip it back, click it into place and enjoy!
Enjoy it chilled!
Classic Veggie Carpaccio
A delicacy with class and style

What is better than sliced sausage on bread? Country Carpaccio, or Velami, or a tasty Veggie Roast sandwich, or ... well any one of Viana's four great Classic Veggie Carpaccios. Enjoy delicious thin slices with organic soy and cereals. Naturally 100% vegetarian, cholesterol free and low fat. New in your health food store's cooler.
Did you knwo that the production of a single kilo of meat requires 20.000 litres of precious water? That's a whole swimming pool!
One kilo of Viana Veggie Mince of Viana Tofu only needs about 11.5 litres of water.
A tofu a day keeps the doctor away.

Your body is a cathedral.
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